Hindu Wedding Ceremony


Vedic Hindu Wedding CeremonyIn Hindu tradition, marriage is viewed as the most important stage of the four stages of life. As well as being the union of two souls, it is also regarded as a bond between two families. At its core, the Hindu wedding ceremony unites two individual souls spiritually, mentally and physically. The bond of matrimony is sacred and the ceremony of marriage is conducted according to Vedic traditions. The Vedic ceremonies originated from the Vedas, the most sacred scriptures of Hinduism. Although the rituals have been simplified considerably in modern times, Hindu culture attaches a deep significance to them. Each step of the ceremony has a profound spiritual meaning and a life affirming purpose. The ceremony will be conducted in Sanskrit, the most ancient languages of the world and translated to English by the priest. The brief description of each part of the ceremony that follows will explain the meaning of the rituals.

The traditional stages of a Hindu wedding ceremony are;